Almost There

So with the deck repaired and the new compression post in place (well, almost in place – more about that later) it was back over to Queen Anne Battery to have AllSpars restep the mast and new rigging,

I left them to it and had a wander around the Barbican and Sutton Harbour and spotted Uma the YouTube star nestled in there. Unfortunately Kika and Dan were not on board so couldn’t get to chat to them.

A couple of hours later I went back to QAB to find the re-rig almost complete and looking really nice. A half hour later and I was on my way back across the river.

When I was safely tucked into my berth I had a closer look around – especially at the deck plate.

Notice anything? Try comparing it to the picture in my last post. Got it now?

In case you’re still scratching your head: The pin that went through the aft end of the plate and through a correspodning hole in the mast foot is absent!

I called AllSpars who assured me that it wasn’t needed. I’m thinking ‘well, why was it there in the first place?’ I mean, I’m sure they know what they are talking about but it does seem a bit odd. I think I’ll get them to give it to me in writing, ha!

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