Here we go!

Well, D-Day is finally here! I’m feeling a bunch of emotions at the moment. Excitement at the prospect of the adventure, fear at the prospect of the adventure and sadness at leaving friends and family behind.

I shall be setting off from Plymouth tomorrow (12/07/2020) and heading for north west Spain to the port of Muros.

It might be seen as quite adventurous for my first offshore sail to across the Bay of Biscay but, living where I do, there’s no other option if I want to go south. In any case the weather gods have smiled on me and we look to have a pretty good week ahead. Of course, weather forecasts have been known to be inaccurate before (what?! Shock! Horror! Haha) time will tell.

The actual course I take will, by and large, be dictated by the wind direction we get but the plan is to head WSW to about 10° west then head south. This will get me off the continental shelf and, hopefully, into calmer waters – well the Atlantic swell rather than Biscay chop!

Au revoir UK. See you in five, ten, God knows when years…

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