What Now?

So the progress has been agonisingly slow and it’s almost a month since I arrived here in Lanildut. Having said that, if you have to be stuck anywhere there are worse places to be.

So with Moon Shadow now on the hard it was possible to get the surveyor down to make a report for the insurance company. As with everything around here it was a slow old affair but it has now all been agreed and I have Phil coming out on 30th August to start repairs. I’m going to head back to the UK for three weeks – two of which will be in quarantine!

By the time I get back here the work should, hopefully, be all but finished and I can get moving again. With any luck I could still make it to the Algarve – the main issue is getting a weather window to get across the Bay of Biscay. But still, one thing at a time!

Just in closing this post out I want to make a mention of the insurance company that I have. I used a broker called Towergate Insurance because, being a member of the Cruising Association, I got a discount on the premium and the underwriter I am with is Navigators and General and to be honest I couldn’t have had a better experience. The service I have got from them, especially my claims handler, Isabelle, has been absolutely brilliant. I’d heard so many horror stories about insurance companies taking months, sometimes even years to sort out claims but that couldn’t be further from the truth as far as N&G are concerned.

No I haven’t been paid to say that but I believe in giving credit where it’s due!

Having said that, if anyone from N&G is reading this… 😉

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