Making Repairs

First of all this post is way behind because I have been switching hosting providors and it didn’t go quite to plan! Sorry about that.


So I returned to Lanildut on September 11th to find Moon Shadow back where she belonged in the water. Phil and Nick had done a brilliant job in getting the repairs done in super quick time. The rudder had to be taken to a local engineering firm which was recommended to them by the local fishermen who all bend rudders on a regular basis (they seem to accept it as par for the course in this area which makes me feel a bit less like a numpty!). Aparently 30 tonnes pressure needed to be applied to get the rudder stock straight again!

Look at that bend!
All straight again!

So with the rudder now sorted the rest of the damage neede to be addressed…

Tiller reinstalled
The part that holds the rudder stock in place
Cracks ground out and re-glassed
Better than new!
External cracking ground back and reglassed
Good as new!
Big ‘ole scrape on the side!
Ground back, reglassed and filled

So that’s the story, in pictures, of the damage and subsequent repair that Phil and Nick made. I guess the silver lining in this dark cloud is that the rudder tube is now at least 50% stronger than when it left the factory!

Well, with her now back in the water I had to decide on where I was going to go. The port of L’Aber Ildut doesn’t have an anchorage that I can stay on and the moorings are way too expensive. I’ll have to go somewhere else. Decisions, decisions!

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