Making Repairs

First of all this post is way behind because I have been switching hosting providors and it didn’t go quite to plan! Sorry about that. Anyway… So I returned to Lanildut on September 11th to find Moon Shadow back where she belonged in the water. Phil and Nick had done a brilliant job in gettingContinue reading “Making Repairs”

What Now?

So the progress has been agonisingly slow and it’s almost a month since I arrived here in Lanildut. Having said that, if you have to be stuck anywhere there are worse places to be. So with Moon Shadow now on the hard it was possible to get the surveyor down to make a report forContinue reading “What Now?”

And We’re Off!

Sunday July 12 I stayed overnight at the anchorage at Dandy Hole and then brought Moon Shadow up to the Mayflower marina to meet with the two guys that were going to come across the Bay of Biscay with me. My friends Pete and Karen also came down from Exeter to see me off, whichContinue reading “And We’re Off!”

Here we go!

Well, D-Day is finally here! I’m feeling a bunch of emotions at the moment. Excitement at the prospect of the adventure, fear at the prospect of the adventure and sadness at leaving friends and family behind, especially my lovely Alison. However, there is light at the end of that particular tunnel (more in that inContinue reading “Here we go!”

Almost There

So with the deck repaired and the new compression post in place (well, almost in place – more about that later) it was back over to Queen Anne Battery to have AllSpars restep the mast and new rigging, I left them to it and had a wander around the Barbican and Sutton Harbour and spottedContinue reading “Almost There”

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