The ‘Erly Tour – Fort William to Portree

August 1 2021. Fort William to Lochaline Alison had enjoyed the Isles of Scilly so much she wanted more! So she came up to continue the adventure at Fort William. The day dawned bright and clear and warm but with almost no wind – again! As before we had to time our departure to passContinue reading “The ‘Erly Tour – Fort William to Portree”

The ‘Erly Tour – Islay to Fort William

18 July 2021. Port Ellen to Colonsay The plan for today was to head around the north of Islay, through the Sound of Islay and out to Colonsay. The sound of Islay has fairly strong currents so it is important to get the timing right and having checked on my tidal atlas app I calculatedContinue reading “The ‘Erly Tour – Islay to Fort William”

The ‘Erly Tour – Ardrossan to Islay

6 July 2021. Ardrossan to Lamlash After the weekend, I welcomed aboard my new crewmate, Ash who was to stay with me until Fort William and, after a quick provisioning trip to the large ASDA supermarket which is conveniently right beside the marina, we set off for Lamlash on the Island of Arran. The weatherContinue reading “The ‘Erly Tour – Ardrossan to Islay”

The ‘Erly Tour – Fleetwood to Ardrossan

25 June 2021 – Blackpool My pal Dave who had been my berth neighbour in Plymouth had joined me on the 24th of June and we had intended to set off on the following day but the weather was miserable and we didn’t fancy it! Instead, we decided to take the tram to Blackpool andContinue reading “The ‘Erly Tour – Fleetwood to Ardrossan”

The ‘Erly Tour – Falmouth to Fleetwood

8 June 2021 – Falmouth to Milford Haven I’d gone back to Exeter with Alison for the weekend and returned to Falmouth on an earlyish train on Monday morning. The first thing I did was take the dinghy over to the fuel berth to pick up 20 litres of diesel. I popped it into theContinue reading “The ‘Erly Tour – Falmouth to Fleetwood”

The ‘Erly Tour – The Isles of Scilly

I had intended to write this as I went along but I was just having too much fun! So the ‘erly tour? No, that’s not a typo! At the beginning of 2021, it had been my intention to set off on my second attempt at world domination but, with the continuing uncertainty around Covid 19,Continue reading “The ‘Erly Tour – The Isles of Scilly”

A Spooky Day (and Night!)

15th September 08:00 – So, as planned, I set off first thing Tuesday. In keeping with the rest of this trip, it didn’t go entirely smoothly. Overnight two other boats had arrived. One berthing directly astern of me and the other directly ahead. I had about two metres at the bow and stern. I didn’tContinue reading “A Spooky Day (and Night!)”

Moving Backwards to Move Forwards

12th September 2020 So here I am sitting aboard Moon Shadow wondering what on earth I should do next. I have two options: Carry on south and try to make the Guadiana river (the river that seperates Portugal And Spain) for the winter. That would be a two week trip if I didn’t stop toContinue reading “Moving Backwards to Move Forwards”